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Open Day Fashion Masters

Open Day of the Fashion Masters – Daniëlle Bruggeman & Judith ter Haar & Pascale Gatzen

Date 16 March, 2019
Time 10:00
Location Kortestraat 27, Arnhem

Open Studios is an opportunity to explore our studios, learn about the projects we have been doing and engage with MA programme participants, lecturers and supporting staff. Discover how we could help you enhance autonomy within your creative practice as well as promote sustainable development.

You are more than welcome at the Open Day of the ArtEZ Fashion Masters on Saturday March 16!

Danielle Bruggeman will present the research programme of the Fashion Professorship to potential new students of both MA programmes: Fashion Held in Common (MA Fashion Design) and the MA Fashion Strategy.

For more information about both Open Days:
- Fashion Held in Common: 
During the Open Day, Fashion Held in Common welcomes you, interested practitioners and potential participants, to attend a short symposium about the programme.

- MA Fashion Strategy:
MA Fashion Strategy invites you to our Open Studios day where you have the opportunity to explore our studios, learn about the projects we have been doing and engage with our students, lecturers and supporting staff.

  • Alternative Systems
  • Human Values
  • New Materialism

DATE PUBLISHED March 1, 2019